Self Check-In (if you have an appointment)


If you already have an appointment to see a McKinley health care provider in one of the medical clinics, you can sign in from your patient portal or use the automated check-in stations to sign in when you arrive. The system will let us know you're here and give you instructions on where to go for your appointment. The system has the following benefits:

  • No waiting in line to talk to a receptionist
  • Privacy - you don't need to tell anyone your name or why you're here
  • Faster service - lets us know as soon as you get here and check-in


The automated check-in stations are located in the main entrance atrium. If you need assistance or have questions, you can talk to the receptionist at the nearby check-in counter.

Please bring your University ID card when visiting McKinley. It's required for check-in to verify your identity and eligibility and will avoid an unnecessary delay.