Mission, Vision, Values


McKinley Health Center is a part of Student Affairs at the University of Illinois. We provide experiences in and outside of the classroom connecting students with resources to help guide their journey at Illinois and help them be successful here and beyond.

McKinley's Mission:

Provide high-quality ambulatory healthcare and health education to students and medical expertise to University leadership.

McKinley's Vision:

Our vision is to be the student health provider of choice for the University community, an integral part of the University's educational mission and recognized as a leader in collegiate healthcare.

McKinley's Values:

  • Safety
    Provide a safe and secure environment for students to receive healthcare and protect their physical and emotional wellbeing. This includes taking measures to prevent accidents or injuries; proper infection control procedures; safe medication practices; and protecting their privacy.
  • Quality
    Provide high quality healthcare services to students in a timely and effective manner using evidence-based practices. This includes accurate diagnoses, appropriate treatment; utilization of latest medical technologies; commitment to process improvement; ongoing staff training; and overall satisfaction of care from students.
  • Service
    Provide kind and compassionate encounters that are respectful and attentive to student needs. This includes listening to student concerns; answering questions; responding to student needs in a timely manner; making appropriate referrals; communicating clearly with students and supporting them in making informed healthcare decisions.