Health Service Fee


Healthcare Coverage Information

All Illinois students who are enrolled full-time (6 credit hours in the fall or spring and 3 credit hours in the summer) are charged a Health Service Fee as part of their tuition and fees. This fee is mandatory and cannot be waived.  Any student enrolled part-time can choose to pay the Health Service Fee by calling 217-333-2719, or coming to the Business Office at McKinley Health Center. 

Health Service Fee

The Health Service Fee covers most services provided by McKinley Health Center and the Counseling Center. The fee schedule is based on the number of semester hours for which you are registered - this fee cannot be waived. Students who are exempt from this fee because they are enrolled in Credit Range III or IV, may obtain services by paying the semester fee at the McKinley Health Center Business Office. (See Fees, Dates and Deadlines.)

The Fee covers many services: 

  • Office or TeleHealth visits within the units at the health center
  • Gynecology visits with a women’s healthcare provider 
  • Mental health visits with a mental health provider
  • Health Education visits for nutrition, sexual health and stress management
  • Radiology services  
  • Dial-A-Nurse (after-hours nurse line)
  • Over-the counter items from our Self Care Stations 
  • Student Wellness services and opportunities in our Health Education Unit


The health service fee does not pay for:

  • Care received outside McKinley Health Center (including referrals)
  • Immunizations and some lab tests
  • There is a $5 co-pay for most prescriptions at the Pharmacy.  Other charges may apply as noted on our Pharmacy Formulary
  • Contraceptives (IUD’s, Nexplanon, Depo injections)

Charges for these services are the responsibility of the student, but may be covered by your health insurance. We recommend that you check with your health insurance carrier before receiving medical services outside McKinley Health Center

Additional Information:

Payment options at McKinley Health Center:

Payment for services received at McKinley will be charged to your Student Account, or you can choose to pay by cash, check, credit or debit card and Illini Cash. McKinley Health Center does not accept health insurance, however we provide a Billing Statement that students can submit to their insurance company for reimbursement. Check with your insurance provider for information about what is covered and how to seek reimbursement. 

Extension of Services 

Students can purchase the extension fee to extend eligibility when they are not enrolled in classes, such as during the summer or after graduation.  To be eligible for extended eligibility, you must have been enrolled the previous semester and paid the Health Service Fee.  Extension of service cannot be purchased for two consecutive semesters. 

Staff Services 

McKinley Health Center does not see staff, however Illinois employees and retirees may receive a seasonal influenza vaccination for no charge at various outreach clinics around campus and at McKinley Health Center from September-December. You must show your State of Illinois insurance card to receive the vaccine. 

University Department Paid Services 

McKinley provides services to departments at Illinois for immunizations and lab tests required for employment or education. Call the Business Office for more information. 

McKinley Business Office

Room 111
1109 S Lincoln Ave
Urbana, Illinois  61801
Campus Mail Code 026
(217) 333-2719