Medical Records


An electronic health record (EHR) which documents medical history and care is created for each patient at McKinley Health Center. If you need information from your record, you may request that copies be sent directly to you, another person, healthcare agency or facility.

To obtain immunization records, TB testing results, COVID-19 vaccine and flu vaccine records (if  administered at McKinley or a campus outreach location):

1. Go to your student health portal at MyMcKinley:

  • Log in using your Net ID and password
  • Click on Immunizations
  • Click on View History
  • Click on Print to display your document
  • Click on Print to print your document

2. Vaccines and TB testing results available in your student health portal include:

  • vaccines and titer results (titer results are available for titers drawn after March 2014) submitted for Immunization compliance
  • vaccines administered, titers drawn and tuberculosis testing performed at McKinley Health Center.

3. To request immunization documents for other immunizations, follow the steps below.

(Note: this option is available to current students and students graduating on or after May 2012. Students attending / graduating prior to 2012 must use one of the options below.)

To request information from your McKinley EHR, complete the following steps:

1. Read and complete the authorization form:

  • Include your contact information, date of birth and University ID number (UIN).
  • Check any applicable boxes if your records contain HIV/AIDS testing, alcohol/drug abuse treatment and/or mental health treatment. (Note: Mental health records require a witness signature, which can be a friend, parent, etc. - no notary required)
  • Print, date and sign the completed form.    
  • Allow up to two weeks for processing.  Please indicate a specific deadline on your consent form if the information is required sooner due to a medical appointment or emergency. 
  • Note:  Medical records (except HIV/AIDS testing, alcohol, drug abuse treatment and mental health records) can be faxed to other healthcare facilities and colleges/universities only.  Records cannot be faxed to personal/business faxes.

2. Submit your completed form to McKinley Health Center by selecting one of the following options: 

  • Upload the completed form via MyMcKinley (the Health Center’s secure patient portal).  Log in to the portal using your University Net ID and password, click on the Upload icon and follow the upload instructions. (Note: this option is available to current students and students graduating on or after May 2012. Students attending/graduating prior to 2012 must use one of the options below.)


  • Fax the completed form to the Medical Records Department at 217-244-6495


  • Mail the completed form to: 

     McKinley Health Center
     Medical Records Department
     1109 S. Lincoln Avenue
     Urbana, IL  61801

3. You may also use this authorization form to request records from an outside facility or provider.

If you have any questions regarding form completion or obtaining copies, email or call Medical Records at 217-333-2700.