Telehealth services provide convenient access to health care services from a remote location with the use of information technology and telecommunciation. Telehealth services may include primary care services, mental health services, telemedicine (e.g., medication prescribing) or other health care services within the scope of practice at McKinley Health Center.

Scheduling an appointment

Instructions on how to sign into Zoom for your video visit with a McKinley provider:

While utilizing telehealth services, patients retain all patients rights and responsibilities and have additional responsibilities, which include but may not be limited to: 

  • Not recording, by any means, the telehealth visit.
  • Providing a secure location that protects their privacy from third parties overhearing the conversation.

Students have the option to consent to the use of telehealth services and may withdraw consent to telehealth services at any time without affecting their right of future care or treatment to which they are otherwise entitled.