Pharmacy Formulary

The pharmacy's formulary is divided into 4 classes:

Tier 1Preferred Formulary includes products that are approved by the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee. These drugs are covered by the Health Service Fee at low cost or no cost. For more information on how drugs are approved for inclusion on the Preferred-Capitated Formulary please call the pharmacy at 217-333-2701.

Tier 2$15.00 Co-Pay

Tier 3Subsidized Formulary are prescription items approved by the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee and fit the following criteria:

  • Drugs that are for non-life-threatening conditions
  • Drugs used by a large number of students
  • Drugs that are cost prohibitive for McKinley Health Center to cover

In the Subsidized Formulary, McKinley Health Center picks up a percentage of the cost and the student pays the rest. Examples of items on this formulary include non-sedating antihistamines and intranasal steroid sprays.

Tier 4Market Price