Charges for Medications and Vaccinations

Charges are per tablet or per shot unless otherwise indicated. Required immunizations to attend the University of Illinois will be charged to the student account. Exceptions will be handled on a case by case basis.

Most insurance plans cover certain vaccines without charging a copayment or coinsurance when provided by an in-network provider.  This is true even for patients who have not met a yearly deductible.  Check with your insurance provider for coverage details and how to submit claims if you want to submit McKinley-provided vaccines to your insurance company.

Medications / Vaccinations / PHYSICALS


Azithromycin 500mg (3 tablets)5.00
Bactrim DS (#8)5.00
Blood Type & Rh20.00
Chloroquine 500mg 
     6 tabletsMarket Price
     12 tabletsMarket Price
Cipro #65.00
Depo-Provera Injection 
     (Fee Paying)55.00
     (Non-Fee Paying)80.00
Diamox (8 tablets)Market Price
Doxycycline 100mg5.00 per monthly supply
Hepatitis A Vaccine75.00
Hepatitis B Vaccine (Heplisav)110.00
Hepatitis B Surface Antibody0
HPV Test145.00
HPV 9 Vaccine Dose #1221.00
HPV 9 Vaccine Dose #2221.00
HPV 9 Vaccine Dose #3221.00
HSV Type 1 lgG20.00
HSV Type 2 lgG20.00
Imodium 2mg (#20)5.00
Influenza IM (non-students)38.00
Japanese Encephalitis380.00/dose
Malarone (6 tablets)Market Price
MMR (19 and older) CDC Dosage Timetable80.00
Measles titer20.00
Mefloquine 250mg (6 tablets)Market Price
Menquadfi (Meningitis)150.00
Meningitis B Bexsero Vaccine160.00
Mumps titer20.00
Pap Test60.00
Peace Corps Physicals 
     Med Hx / Physical Exam120.00
     Laboratory Tests130.00
     Pap Smear40.00
Rabies IM CDC Dosage Timetable330.00
Rabies Titer55.00
Rubella IgG25.00
QuantiFERON® Gold30.00
Tdap Vaccine50.00
Tetanus-diptheria #235.00
Tetanus-diptheria #335.00
Tuberculin 0.1 ml7.00
Typhoid Injection, Typhim-Vi105.00
Varicella Immunization dose #1150.00
Varicella Immunization dose #2150.00
Varicella Titer20.00
Yellow Fever180.00
Yellow WHO Book Replacement30.00
Peak Flow Meter5.00