Page 7: Fertility Awareness

Two other methods of birth control to consider are fertility awareness and sterilization.

Fertility awareness/natural family planning

These methods allow a woman to use the body's natural signs of fertility as a guide to predict ovulation and determine her risk of pregnancy at different times throughout the monthly menstrual cycle. By recognizing the signs which occur prior to, during and after ovulation, a woman and her partner may choose to abstain, or use a barrier method during the high risk days of the menstrual cycle.

Body signs that help monitor ovulation patterns include basal body temperature and the texture of cervical mucous. These must be recorded on a graph to identify the subtle signs that occur and change throughout the month.

It is recommended that couples attend special classes to learn how to utilize this method. These classes are not offered at McKinley.



Sterilization is a surgical procedure and is considered a permanent method of birth control. The decision to proceed with sterilization should be given much thought and consideration.