Page 1: Introduction

Welcome to the Online Birth Control Education Program. This program provides valuable information on birth control methods offered at McKinley. Research shows that knowledge about contraception leads to consistent and correct use. With the information provided in this program you will be making an active choice about which method best fits your health and lifestyle.

We recognize that people use birth control for a variety of reasons. While this class is geared toward pregnancy prevention within heterosexual relationships, we encourage anyone to take this class (including men) to learn more about contraception.

Please note women who are seeking a prescription for hormonal birth control for the first time are encouraged to complete this online class before making an appointment with a McKinley health care provider in Women’s Health.

You do not have to take this class if you have a prescription from your doctor at home. You can simply fill the prescription at McKinley or a pharmacy of your choice.

Complete the class onlline. Allow 30 minutes to study the class content and take the test at the end. Click here to begin the online class.