McKinley Health Center Access

McKinley Health Center is following campus policy regarding building access to the following areas:  Medical Records, Student Insurance, Business Office and Pharmacy. However, for your safety, McKinley does offer curbside prescription pick-up, and most requests to the medical records, student insurance and business office can be handled electronically or by phone.

All caregiver services at McKinley during the pandemic are by appointment only. There are no walk-in provider services available due to social distancing and building capacity limits. For non-urgent face-to-face scheduled appointments in the clinical areas, health education, radiology, and laboratory, students must show they have tested negative within the last four days.  If students are being seen with any upper respiratory symptoms or fever, a negative COVID test within the last two days is required. No distinction is made between graduate and undergraduate students on these requirements.

Same day urgent visits are available by exception only and will not be associated with a testing requirement. Students who are scheduled in this manner should expect to be handled with the highest safety precautions and only in certain locations of the building.

Telehealth visits are offered without testing requirements in all clinical areas, mental health and health education to all eligible students who have paid the health service fee.  


Tuesday, September 15, 2020 - 16:45