Two providers from McKinley Health Center will be retiring this June 28th after a combined 57 years of service to the students of the University of Illinois. Dr. David Smith has been practicing in our medical clinics since 1989. Dr. Marshall Garrick is the head of our Mental Health Unit and a practicing psychiatrist. He has been at McKinley Health Center since 1992. Both have had very devoted patient panels and will be missed by both students and staff at McKinley Health Center.

If you happened to be a patient of Dr. Smith’s panel, you will be reassigned to another primary care physician’s panel. If you happen to have seen Dr. Marshall as a patient, then you should see your primary care physician to discuss if he or she could take over your medical management, or refer you to a mental health provider who could best meet your needs.

We wish both Dr. Smith and Dr. Garrick the very best in the future.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019 - 15:45