Relaxation Techniques

(Brought to you by McKinley's Health Education Unit)

Relaxation techniques are an important tool in reducing daily stress. The exercises provided here are short, effective ways to refresh your mind and body, offering increased energy levels which leads to greater productivity. When performed regularly, relaxation exercises can have noticeable effects on your stress levels and mood.

Preparation for relaxation is an easy yet crucial task. It is important because it enables the exercise to be done effectively, maximizing the overall benefits. 

There are many techniques available for coping with stress so experiment with a variety of techniques to find what works best for you. Each method varies in the amount of time necessary to master the technique. Choose techniques that work with your schedule and meet your needs. 

The following guidelines will assist you in being successful with any type of relaxation exercise – deep breathing, meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, visualization, etc. (audio)

CAUTION: Relaxation exercises should not be practiced or performed while operating a vehicle or other machinery. If you have physical, mental, and/or emotional limitations consult with your provider prior to engaging in relaxation exercises.

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