Special Populations

Our mission is to promote balanced, healthy lifestyles among the diverse University of Illinois at Urban-Champaign community and the general public.

Goals and Objectives

  • Promote dialogue on cross-cultural health issues
  • Design and implement interactive programs that facilitate health awareness to the UIUC student community
  • Provide illness prevention/health promotion programs through the offices of Student Affairs, ethnic group clubs, residence halls, fraternities/sororities campus cultural houses and some selected academic units
  • Provide valuable health information and related literatures by providing links to national, regional, local and Big10 health centers
  • Engage in activities that will encourage student involvement in health/outreach programs
  • Collaborate and facilitate programs with local health and social agencies for the University of Illinois diverse student populations

About Us

The Special Population's program was adopted in 1991 at McKinley Health Center in conjunction with the "Healthy People 2000" objectives, as indicated by the Office of the US Surgeon General. One of the main goals of this program was to address the specific health problems experienced by minority groups, thus narrowing the gap between the total population and those population groups that now experience above average incidences of death, disease, and disability. A chief avenue for the pursuit of this goal is through making efforts that will enhance and promote human potentials, while discouraging factors that inhibit those potentials.

At that time, Jerry Ogbudimkpa, who was completing his post-doctoral studies, worked with McKinley Health Center administration to study the health needs of minority and international students at the University of Illinois. The outcome of this study was the implementation of programs to address the concerns found within the study. As a result, the Special Population's program currently provides services to the diverse University of Illinois student populations including minorities, internationals, women, LBGTQ, veterans and individuals with disabilities. The program has been used as a model by over 100 other institutions of higher education in the country

Key components of the program include an annual health fair and a variety of wellness activities promoting themes such as alcohol awareness, nutrition/ sexual health awareness, World's AIDS Day, and several other campus-wide major programs including the Quad Day event.



Additional Resources

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If you would like to be a part of the Special Populations' Program at McKinley Health Center, you are welcome to contact Health Education at 217-333-2700 or contact one of the officers.