The Sexual Health Education Program at McKinley Health Center is a space on campus where students can access information about sexual health and sexuality. Such a space where students of all races/ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations can find information that allows them to feel comfortable and confident making healthy, informed sexual choices.

All levels of knowledge and experience are welcome. If you have questions, we have answers.


Individual Appointments

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign students can meet with McKinley's Sexuality Educator individually or with a partner(s), to learn more about a variety of sexual health topics.  Appointments are confidential, conversational, and typically last one hour. 

If you have questions about any of the following, please schedule an appointment by calling McKinley Health Education at 217-333-2700.

Sexual Functioning

Safer Sex Options & Contraception

Questions or concerns related to sexual desire,pleasure, erection, orgasm and ejaculation.

Explore how to keep things fun while preventingsexually transmitted infections (STIs) as well as the many birth control options that are available to prevent pregnancy.

Sexual Decision-Making & Communication

Sexual Health Services & Support

Learn how to better communicate with yourself, partner(s), healthcare providers, family, etc., and how to make decisions that are right for you including whether to participate in sexual behaviors or not.

Connect with STI/HIV testing, sexual health services, inclusive support systems, advocacy groups, and beyond; both on campus and in the community. 


Outreach ON CAMPUs and In the community

One of our goals is to normalize conversations about sexual health and sexuality; we do so by meeting you where you’re at. The Sexual Health Education Program can participate in awareness events and campaigns, table at health fairs, and present to students, faculty/staff, other RSOs, advocacy groups, or organizations. 

Peer-led sexual health workshops are available by request. If you have an idea for a new outreach event, please contact McKinley’s Sexuality Educator at 217-333-2700 to discuss. 


SAFER SEX supplies

Students can access condoms, latex barriers, lubricants, pregnancy tests, yeast infection medication and other over-the-counter supplies at no cost at the Health Resource Centers. Emergency contraception (Plan B One-Step) is available at the Pharmacy at McKinley Health Center.



McKinley’s Sexual Health Peers provide inclusive, sex-positive sexual health education on campus. As a peer education group through McKinley Health Center’s Health Education Unit, peers are committed to a vision of being leaders in health and wellness on campus. Interested in joining? Send us an email at