(Request a Workshop) All requests must be made at least 2 weeks in advance!



Reminders for requester:

  • Need to have at least 10 students in attendance
  • Need to post flyers on your floor, hall, etc. for the event at least one week in advance
  • Send out Emails to residents
  • Provide incentives for the audience (small prize or food)
  • Meet the presenter at least 5-10 minutes beforehand in the commons area or outside the front door (especially if they don’t have access)
  • Please let us know if anyone attending this program may require any accommodations

Description of Workshops:

Topics covered in this presentation include the affects of buffet-style dinning on consumption, the food guide pyramid and portion sizes, hunger and satiety, and the affect of alcohol on food consumption.

Learn the truth about fad diets and how healthy eating and exercise are keys to weight loss.

Topics include pre-competition meal, hydration, weight issues, general healthy eating, and sports supplements.

Have a nutrition peer come to your hall or floor and discuss foods in the buffet line. The peer will point out “smart bites” or healthy food choices, discuss portion control, and answer questions for your residents.

Peers will come to your dining hall, Greek house or cafeteria and assess the residents’ plates. Calories, fats and portions will be discussed with each participant in addition to tips to improve the nutritional quality of his plate.

Having a fair and looking for interesting display booths? Have the Nutrition Peers come out and showcase the importance of healthy nutrition, play games with fair participants and give away cool prizes.

Learn how to make healthy snacks that are quick, easy and taste great too! Taste samples of food and learn about key nutrients in a balanced diet. Note: The groceries for this program must be funded by the requesting organization.

Have the peers come out and talk about healthy cooking including tips for grocery shopping and food preparation.

Two peers will conduct a tour of the grocery store of the participants' choice. The tour will cover grocery store topics that are relevant to the participant group.

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