(Request a Workshop) All requests must be made at least 2 weeks in advance!

Fitness outreach and programming can be requested virtually or limited in-person events while following recommended COVID-19 safety and prevention strategies. Please complete the request form below and McKinley’s Fitness Health Educator will contact you.
Due to COVID-19 and University guidelines to conduct safe programming, the Health Education Unit at McKinley has determined the following protocols in order to conduct in person programming:

  • no more than 10 students can be in attendance
  • students must be able to social distance and stay 6 feet apart
  • masks must be worn at all times by participants and facilitators
  • If supplies are needed for the program, we ask that there are enough supplies so that students don’t need to share or can properly sanitize in between uses.
  • Students must show that they have been tested within the last 4 days and are following testing requirements



Reminders for requester:

  • Need to have at least 10 students in attendance
  • Need to post flyers on your floor, hall, etc. for the event at least one week in advance
  • Send out Emails to residents
  • Provide incentives for the audience (small prize or food)
  • Meet the presenter at least 5-10 minutes beforehand in the commons area or outside the front door (especially if they don’t have access)
  • Please let us know if anyone attending this program may require any accommodations

Description of Workshops:

Ever wanted to know how to start an exercise program the correct way? This interactive discussion presents a proper foundation for someone who is interested in becoming healthier. This presentation focuses on the major aspects of physical health: muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular exercise and flexibility training. Each of these areas are discussed in a way that allows anyone to learn about starting an exercise program.

Do you ever cancel your workout because you cannot get to the gym? Whether at home or outdoors, you can create a total body workout with minimal equipment. This presentation reveals exercise techniques that can be performed in places ranging from dorm rooms to recreational parks. Resistance/anaerobic and cardio/aerobic exercises are included in the presentation along with fitness recommendations.

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