COVID Vaccine Update/ 3rd shot/Booster

Vaccination is the best way for bringing an end to the Pandemic and getting us back to a normal state of daily function. On October 22nd, CDC approved COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Shots Who Is Eligible for a COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Shot? | CDC.  All UIUC students are potentially eligible for boosters by way of living in high-risk settings, under the CDC criteria. McKinley will continue to vaccinate weekly but will plan only to offer Pfizer and Moderna options. Each week, the self-scheduling for the following week at CRCE will open on Thursday of the week prior. We will be offering injections at McKinley, located on the first floor of McKinley. The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines will be the primary vaccine offered and these vaccines will alternate as demand dictates.

To self-schedule a vaccination, students go to your MyMcKinley portal and follow the instructions listed. If you have difficulty or need further assistance, give us a call at (217)333-2700. Remember to be compliant with your saliva test upon arrival for your appointment, or you will not be allowed access to the building. Vaccinations are only available to eligible students. You may also visit the - Search for COVID-19 vaccine locations and will see other locations nearby offering other vaccine opportunities. There are multiple options near campus to provide students the different vaccines.

Get vaccinated and enjoy a full college experience!

The 3rd shot is advised to be the same vaccine as was given as the primary series, but mix-and-match is permitted under the CDC guidelines. Currently, the Moderna vaccine is the half-dose vaccine for the 3rd shot regardless of whether it is related to the primary series or part of the mix-and-match program. This could change based on further guidance from the CDC.

McKinley will provide updated information about the Booster shots as more information becomes available.

Wednesday, October 27, 2021 - 14:15