Vaccination is the best way for bringing an end to the Pandemic and getting us back to a normal state of daily function.  During the Summer, McKinley will continue to vaccinate weekly at our Immunization and Travel Clinic (ITC), located on the first floor of McKinley.  We will plan two vaccination days per week and more as demand may require.  The Pfizer vaccine will be the primary vaccine offered through the summer months.
To self-schedule a vaccination, go to your MyMcKinley portal and follow the instructions listed.  If you have difficulty or need further assistance, give us a call at (217)333-2700.  Remember to be compliant with your saliva test upon arrival for your appointment, or you will not be allowed access to the building.
If you wish to be vaccinated with a different vaccine than Pfizer, give us a call at (217)333-2700. We will be having other vaccines during the summer and will put you on a list so we can give vaccine on a particular day and not incur vaccine wastage. You may also visit the - Search for COVID-19 vaccine locations and will see other locations nearby offering other vaccine opportunities.
All UIUC Students may receive their COVID vaccine at McKinley this summer regardless of current enrollment status.  Get vaccinated and enjoy a full college experience this summer and fall!

Friday, May 28, 2021 - 10:30