McKinley Health Center will be offering Covid-19 booster shots to students at

Campus Recreation Center East (CRCE) 1102 W. Gregory Dr., Urbana, IL 61801

January 11-28

How to Schedule:  Appointments are available online only through the MyMcKinley portal.

Tuesday, January 11th - Moderna

Wednesday, January 12th – Moderna

Thursday, January 13th - Moderna

Friday, January 14th - Moderna

Tuesday, January 18th – Moderna

Wednesday, January 19th – Moderna

Thursday, January 20th - Moderna

Friday, January 21st - Moderna

Monday, January 24th - Moderna

Tuesday, January 25th – Moderna

Wednesday, January 26th - Moderna

Thursday, January 27th - Moderna

Friday, January 28th - Moderna

Thursday, December 23, 2021 - 09:45