Contraceptive Options

Prices for Fall 2016 / Spring 2017 (Registered Students)

Available at No Charge per cycle - limits apply during eligibility periods

Apri (Desogen generic)
Aviane (Alesse generic)
Cryselle (Lo-Ovral generic)
Enpresse (Tri-Levlen generic)
Errin (Ortho Micronor generic)
Junel 1/20 (Gildess Fe 1/20, LoEstrin 1/20 generic)
Junel 1.5/30 (LoEstrin 1.5/30 generic)
Kariva (Mircette generic)
Kelnor 1/35 (Zovia 1.35, Demulen generic)
Nortrel 0.5/35 (Ortho Novum 0.5/35 generic)
Nortrel 1/35 (Ortho Novum 1/35 generic)
Nortel 7/7/7 (Ortho Novum 7/7/7 generic)
Portia (Nordette generic)
Sprintec (Ortho Cyclen generic)
Tri-Sprintec (Ortho Tricyclen generic)
Velivet (Cyclessa generic)

Available at $50 per dose


Available at cost

Balziva (Ovcon)
Gianvi (Yaz generic)
Jolessa (Seasonale generic)
Lo Loestrin Fe brand name
Lomedia 24 FE
Minastrin 24 FE
Ocella (Yasmin generic)
Ortho Evra
Tri-Lo-Estarylla (Ortho Tricyclen Lo generic)
TriLegest Fe (Estrostep Fe generic)
Yasmin brand name
Yaz brand name


Please fax new prescriptions to McKinley Health Center Pharmacy at 217-244-6309.

McKinley Pharmacy strives to keep costs as low as possible; however, prices are subject to change based on market. We cannot guarantee that some brands will not incur a price adjustment during the school year.  If that should happen, we will communicate this change as soon as possible.