Wizard of AIDS 

Each year the Special Populations' Student Health Concerns Committee hosts an entertaining and educational theatrical performance called "The Wizard of AIDS," which is performed by a national touring theater group specializing in HIV/AIDS prevention education. The performance is designed to educate students about the prevention and course of HIV infection as well as to address the social issues associated with it through promoting communication, positive self-esteem, responsible decision making and compassion for those living with HIV/AIDS. The performance is absolutely free of charge. The performance is held each February in the Illini Union to celebrate Romance, Respect and Responsibility Week.

Candlelight Vigil

For over seven years, as part of the National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week, McKinley Health Center's Special Populations' Student Health Concerns Committee has hosted a Candlelight Vigil. It's purpose is to honor and remember those whose lives were lost from injuries as a result of alcohol-related accidents. The Candlelight Vigil usually takes place at the Illini Union during the month of October. The vigil is a community-wide event. Campus and Champaign-Urbana high school choirs have honored the victims with music and songs. Members of the community who have lost a loved one to an alcohol-related accident have offered their testimonies to the students in an effort to educate them and prevent drunk driving and alcohol-related injuries in our student population.

Annual Health Fair

McKinley Health Center's Special Populations' Student Health Concerns Committee hosts a health fair each spring in the Illini Union. The event is open to all UIUC students, faculty, staff and also to Champaign-Urbana residents.  Several interactive events are available at the health fair including blood pressure/glucose screening, cholesterol screening, spinal checks, bone density checks, bone marrow/blood drives, career exhibitions, and information booths on nutrition, women's health, drugs/alcohol and stress management. A live DJ and performances by various campus groups and organizations liven up the atmosphere and make the event fun and exciting for all.

Special Populations Alumni Organization

Fast growing group made up of both graduate and undergraduate individuals that served as student workers, graduate assistants, and student extra help while completing their college careers at the University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign. The alumni members comprise of several professors, college deans, and department heads, physicians, chiropractors, dentists, psychiatrists, nurses, managers in public/social health agencies - again, just to mention a few!