Students helping Students take charge of their health!

The Peer Education Program at McKinley is designed to promote student leadership by utilizing students to provide health and wellness education to their peers.

Benefits of Becoming a Peer Educator:

  • Gain volunteer experience
  • Improve personal wellness
  • Be a part of building a culture of wellness on our campus
  • Learn about important health and wellness issues for college students
  • Participate in life-skills training
  • Develop public speaking and program planning skills
  • Enhance your resume or graduate school application
  • Feel a sense of community with others


McKinley peers educate university students through interactive programming, awareness campaigns and the distribution of health materials and information. McKinley Peer Educators dialogue with their peers about issues related to college life.

Peer Education Opportunities:

Nutrition Peers

Seniors in FSHN, these peers provide workshops to campus groups that address general and sports nutrition. Nutrition Jeopardy is a popular program presented by the Nutrition Peers. These peers also help coordinate National Nutrition Month, celebrated in March. Nutrition Peer Programs include Healthy Buffet Style Eating, Dieting Myths, Sports Nutrition Basics, Take a Nutritionist to Dinner or let us tailor a custom-made program just for your group. In addition, we have a number of fun games that make our programs interactive but educational like Nutrition Jeopardy, Boozo Buckets, Phytochemical Twister, and Fiber Black Jack. The Nutrition Peers can also provide bulletin boards and trifold displays for any setting upon request.


Sexual Health Peers

These peers offer workshops on campus that address sexual health including: STD's, Birth Control, Safer Sex & Healthy Relationships. The Sexual Health Peers also plan and implement educational campaigns to address breast cancer, HIV/AIDS, STD prevention, condom use and other sexual health topics. New members can join the Sexual Health Peers at the beginning of fall and spring semesters


Stress Management Peers

These Peers are dedicated to providing education & awareness to UI students on stress-related topics and concerns. They participate in campus-wide program planning and other organizational events while embracing the diversity of our campus.

As a part of McKinley Health Education Unit they are committed to their vision of being leaders in health and wellness on our campus. Connecting with other students through programs, projects, and information they will build a stronger, healthier campus community.


Fitness Peers

These peers consist of undergraduate students in Kinesiology and Community Health who provide education about physical fitness and wellness to the campus community.  The Fitness Peers can design informational programs for your specific group or they can attend larger events that promote physical fitness. Through the use of a variety of fitness equipment, the Fitness Peers can demonstrate and promote proper exercise techniques. 


Special Populations

Students who join Special Populations raise awareness on campus about multi-cultural health, including the health disparities that exist for certain populations. Special Populations promote social justice, healthy lifestyles and access to healthcare through education and outreach to underserved populations on campus, including international students.